I’m Done With Pride…

As I’m the lone lesbian in 50 square miles, I’ve made an effort to attend Pride in Bangor, Maine so I can get my yearly gay fix as it were. I took time off from work in 2015 and traveled 90 minutes to attend. It was my first Pride since returning to Maine and I had to say it had grown considerably since the first time I had gone with my partner. When we drove around looking for the “festival” in 2004, all we found was a pickup truck with a “Got Lube” billboard sitting in the bed. Needless to say, we didn’t stay.

When I attended last year, the first thing I noticed was the overwhelming presence of the Transgender movement. There were three booths dedicated to their issues. No official lesbian presence at all. I wandered around, listened to the music and finally left. There were not many people there and I was underwhelmed.

This year, I had decided to stay home. Then the Pulse shooting happened and I felt it was important to attend and show that we weren’t going to hide. I outed myself to my boss and he made arrangements to cover my shift. I was happy to see that a lot more people attended. I meandered around for a bit and then went up to the main stage area. A local self identified bisexual woman, a gay man and a man dressed in a mini skirt, crop top, rhinestone shoes with 4 inch heels and a face made up in a manner that could only be described as a Fuck Me Barbie Doll took the stage. The bisexual announced to the crowd that this was the time to celebrate the end of binary and the end of male and female. The crowd went wild including all the lesbians present. So I guess I, as a female woman and a lesbian, no longer exist. I’m a throwback, a nonentity, no longer defined by my body and my sexual orientation. All my life experiences are rendered moot.

I promptly turned my booted feet around and marched my butch ass back to my truck. I drove to Longhorn Steak house, had a wonderful filet mignon and drove back to Aroostook County and my cabin in the woods. Until this madness ends, I won’t be attending any more Pride celebrations.

You Know You’re An Endangered Species When….

I just had my mandatory “break in service” the PO requires of PSEs every 360 days. I met with my replacement to show her where everything is in my office.  You know that the PC mentality has reached maximum penetration when you identify yourself as a lesbian to your coworker and she asks what pronouns you use….in AROOSTOOK COUNTY, MAINE. Evidently, stating you are a lesbian means you can use male pronouns. WTF!

I’ve been single for over three years now, after an 8 year relationship,  I dread trying to compose a dating profile. I now have to specify that as a lesbian, I’m looking for biological woman. Coming out to new people is certainly getting way too complicated.

Do No Harm: An interview with the founder of Youth Trans Critical Professionals


A new organization has formed for therapists, social workers, medical doctors, educators, and other professionals concerned about the rise in transgender diagnoses among children, adolescents, and young adults. Youth Trans Critical Professionals was founded by a psychotherapist and a university professor just a few short weeks ago. The organization has a website (already publishing thought-provoking pieces from professionals), a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and many followers. If you are a professionalskeptical of the transgender youth trend, please visit the website and consider contributing to the effort. Your anonymity will be protected at your request.

4thWaveNow recently interviewed one of the founders of Youth Trans Critical Professionals. She is available to respond to your questions and remarks in the comments section below this post.

ytcp logo.pngWhy did you start this organization for professionals skeptical of the trans-kid trend? What is your personal interest in this matter?

I’m going to…

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Minor surgery? Top US gender doc agitates to lower age for genital surgery


Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy of LA Children’s Hospital is one of the better known “gender specialists” in the United States. She has achieved notoriety amongst gender critics for her controversial advocacy of early cross-sex hormone treatment and “social transition” of young children.

Her latest efforts to push the envelope on child transition are on display in a post she made two days ago on the public WPATH Facebook page, wherein she lobbies for the next WPATH Standards of Care (SOC 8) to support lowering the age of consent for “bottom” surgery (officially recommended to be 18 or older in the WPATH SOC 7).

To date, Olson’s post has garnered 52 “likes,” with plenty of enthusiastic responses. Only one clinician has raised a shadow of doubt.

What does Dr. Olson-Kennedy want? Nothing more than for immature preadolescents to be allowed to undergo–with full insurance coverage–major genital surgeries so they can impersonate the…

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